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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How do view all the characters of a font?

Sometimes, we need to view or use anycharacters that not displayed in keyboard or screen.

Try the following steps:

  1. Tools > Character MapStart > Programs > Accessories > System

  2. Select a font

  3. Check "Advanced View"

  4. Choose "Unicode" for Unicode fonts, or

    "Windows: Western" or other character set for other fonts

  5. See and click the characters list

  6. To copy them, press Alt + S ["Select"


  7. You can select multiple characters

  8. press Alt + C

  9. then, paste it where you want
That's it!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How do start a blog?

Many of us confuse with the concept of Blog.

simply we explain it as our writing about our day-by-day life (experience). or,
in other words, we can write our thoughts and experiences. for example, I write
here the solutions or answers for problems and questions faced by friends of me
and on my own personal computing. You can write and publish your own thoughts
and experiences on the internet via the Blogs. it's easy and take a few minutes.

  1. provider's site, and click a link like "New Users", "Sign-up" or "Start".

    Go to one of the free blog service

  2. It will take you to new blog creation page.

  3. Read the Terms and Privacy policy.

  4. If you accept them, Fill the fields and submit the form.

  5. Click the link like "Post"

  6. Write your thoughts or experience.

  7. Click the "Publish" button. Done!

Finally, drop a line about your newblog to me.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What is the Hibernation OR how do I hibernate the PC?

Hibernation means dormancy, sleeping/resting. It is used
on PCs, to save the current memory status to hard disk and pause the

If you want to pause your works without saving
them as files, you can do hibernate your PC.

  1. From Start menu, choose Turn Off Computer
    (or Shutdown)

  2. If Windows XP, Press shift and H

    Or Select Hibernate and Press Enter Key

When you next time boot your PC, don't forget
to choose your user account to log in.

Note: If your PC Cabinet (Tower) Power Supply
does not support the Hibernating, you can't do it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How do customize a folder?

In Windows XP, we can change the icon, view and the
Folder's Thumbnail Picture. Here, how do ...

  1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer

  2. Select a folder with pictures

  3. Right click and choose 'Properties'

    OR Press ALT+ENTER

  4. In the properties dialog, choose 'Customize' Tab
  5. We can select a folder type from 'Use this folder type as a template' Combo box

  6. Click 'Choose Picture...' button and
    choose a picture.
    for example, if that folder contains photos of your family, you can choose a photo of your parent or children or family's group. or your folder contains
    music from a particular artist, you can choose his picture.

    It helps to remind you folder's content.

  7. 'Restore Default' will reset that picture

  8. If you want to change boring yellow folder icon with your green/blue/red folder icon or any other (for ex: Digital Camera, iPod, Documents, Programs icon), Click 'Change Icon' button and
    choose your icon

  9. Press 'Apply' and OK

  10. See the changes and navigate your folders with ease

  11. IMO, using many customized folders may decrease the system speed

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How handle the DLL/OCX or Other fie Missing/Corrupted Errors?

Sometimes, re-installing the software for a DLL/OCX or other file may erase our current
settings. So, you can try these steps before re-install, it may solve your problem.

  1. Note down (on a paper)

  • which program tells?
  • and which is the Required File name? (note with
    full path)
  1. Press START+F (Start > Search/Find).
    Go to the View menu and choose Details [View > Details].
    Give the Required File name (noted on step one) in the
    "Search for files or folders named" field.
    Press Enter
  2. After searching finished, See for the
    Required File Names (without Path) on the
    results pane [List view on the right side]
  3. If you found, check for its location ("In Folder" part
    of the result) with your file's
  • Path is same with yours, Go to Step 6.
  • If path does not match,
    Open Windows Explorer or My Computer,
    Go to the Path you noted down
    OR Copy your file location without file name (from your paper) and
    Paste it on the Address Bar of Explorer/My Computer window to go to that path.
    Press Enter
  • Path exist, go to Search window, copy the
    required file from result and
    return to Explorer / My Computer window, Paste it here.
  • Path not exist, go to the Root folder,
    and build the path by creating new Folders (Menu: File > New Folder).
    Look at Address Bar, that matches your files path, Paste the file you have copied.
    Run your software.

    Same problem again? Go to Step 6.
  1. If you not found, Go to next Step.

  2. Re-install or contact the vendor of your

How do make Flash banner advertisement? (part-2)

How do make Flash banner advertisement?


  1. Go to menu 'Insert' and choose Timeline > Layer

  2. In timeline window, Select First frame on the Layer 2
  3. From Toolbox, Select on the 'A' Icon
    ToolTip: Text Tool (T)
    OR Press T
  4. With that tool, click on the right part of the
    document (stage) window and Type "My banner Text" (or anything you like).

  5. Select 'Selection Tool' and move the text out of
    document (Wight Area).
    Convert it to Movie Object (as step 9 on part-1)
  6. From Text Properties window (You can get it press:
    Choose a fancy font (fat one is better for this sample),
    Color to Blue and font size: 32
  7. Go to timeline window, Select 10th frame on 'Layer 2' and Create a Key Frame (as step 11, part-1)
  8. Bring (move) your text inside the document window
    and place it right corner
  9. Select any frame between 1 and 10 from Timeline.
  10. Create motion tween (as step 14, part-1)
  11. On 30th frame, Create a Key Frame.
    Select any frame between 10 and 30 from Timeline and create motion tween

  12. On 40th frame, Create a Key Frame.
    Move your text out of document (via left part of stage window)

  13. In Timeline window, select any frame between 30 and 40 and crate motion tween

  14. Save your work (as step 18, part-1)
  15. Test your movie (as step 20, part-1)

Let's go to level 3 soon ...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

How do make Flash banner advertisement? (part-1)

How do make Flash banner advertisement?


  1. Start Macromedia Flash and create new Flash Document (CTRL+N)
  2. Press CTRL+F3 for Properties window
    Click "550 x 400 pixels" button, and change the following properties:
    Widh = 468
    Height = 60
    Press OK
  3. From left Toolbox, Click on the Oval Shape Icon
    ToolTip: Oval Tool (O)
    OR Press "O"
  4. On that Toolbox [Below the Zoom (Magnifier) Icon],
    You can see Colors in two Shape boxes.
    Choose two different colors.
    (For ex: Dark Blue for Stroke [Out Line]
    Sky Blue for Filling)
  5. Click and drag diagonally on the top - left corner
    of the document (Stage Window) to draw a ball.
  6. Click "Selection Tool" from Toolbox
    OR Press "V"
  7. Double Click on the your Ball on document
    to select both inside and its outline of the ball.

  8. Press F8 for Conversion Dialog.
    Select 'Movie clip' radio button and Click OK

  9. Press CTRL+ALT+T for "Timeline" Window.
  10. Click the small box below the number '25'. Each box indicates the place of a
  11. Press F6 to insert a Key Frame
  12. Move your ball to center bottom of the document
  13. Go to the Timeline window, Select any frame between 1 and 25
  14. Right Click and Choose "Create Motion Tween" from the Context Menu
  15. Click on the 40th Frame (below the '40')
    Create a Key Frame (as step 11)
  16. Now, Move your ball to right - top corner of the document
  17. From the Timeline window, Select any frame between
    25 and 40 Create motion tween (as step 14)
  18. Save your work (by press CTRL+S)
  19. In 'Save as' dialog box, give "My 1st Banner" as name for the file
  20. Press CTRL+ENTER to test your movie

Well. Let's go for second level!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Develop your Personal Computing Skills with ease!

Hai All,

Do you work with computers? i'm seeking your friendship. let's be friends and do blog.


Well. dear friend, have you spent couples of hours or a few weeks/months for anyone of these ...
  • Building a Website/Homepage
  • .Net Application
  • Evaluating or learing a Software
  • Searching an article on the internet
  • DLL missing
  • Developing a Costomized Software in Visual Basic
  • Make-up your homepage with JavaScript
  • Sending e-greetings
  • Virus Affection
  • Making a Flash Animation
  • Balding a friend's photo with Photoshop for his happy birthday
  • Spam
  • Setting up a device to PC
  • Assembling a PC
  • Other Hardware problems
  • Obscene in chatting
  • Unkown data mismatch in coding
  • and so on ...
And do you like to develop your knowledge and skills?

If "yes", just follow these easy steps ...
  1. Click and read any topics listed here
  2. Send your comments, suggessions and question
  3. Read the comments and answers
and see how you expertise yourself day-by-day ...

hope you like and feedback and this blog helps you.

Now, i'm on writing for you.